Nail Treatments

Offering the highest in sanitation for our guests while also providing a relaxing, pampering treatment.

Spa Manicure: Everything you need for your hands to feel complete! Cuticle cleaning, nail trim and shape, scrub, hand/arm massage, polish.


Spa Pedicure: Get your toes ready for the spotlight. Everything included in the natural manicure, but for feet and lower legs.


Spa Mani + Spa Pedi: $60

Gel Mani + Spa Pedi: $70

Gel Mani + Pedi: $85

Toenail Restoration: This is a unique toenail service for people who have damaged toenail(s) to the nail plate because of trauma or a disorder diagnosed by a podiatrist. Must have 20% nail to perform service. Podiatrist approved.

2 toes (big toe and second toe): $85; 1 hour

4 or more toes: $85 plus $15 per each additional toe; 2 hours max

Single Toe Refill: $15 per toe

Callus Care/Remover: $10-$35

Toenail Trimming Service: $25

Polish Change: $10

Gel Removal (with manicure or pedicure service): $5

Gel Removal ONLY: $15

Gel Manicure: $40

Gel Pedicure: $55

Add On Nail Treatments:

Foot or Hand Hydration pack: our alternative to paraffin wax: $10

Foot Reflexology:

30 minutes: $35

60 minutes: $65

Nail Art:

Nail art is an additional cost to a manicure/pedicure service

Pricing: Single Nail/Set

Foil: $3/$15

Rainbow Foil: $6 and up

Sticker: $3/$20

Polka Dot: $3/$15

Rhinestone: $3 and up

Cat eye/magnetic eye: $3/$15

Ombre: $6/$30

Marble: $6/$30

Tie Dye: $7/$40

Free-style Hand Drawing: Varies in price

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