Massage and Body

Massage Therapy 

(Massage is currently performed by one technician at Skin Body Zen. The time it takes to disrobe and get dressed is included in the appointment time.)

CBD Massage: Harnessing the healing powers of organic hemp-derived CBD oil, your therapist will focus targeted attention to soothe the aches and pains caused by inflammation of the joints and damaged connective tissue. This innovative treatment helps ease chronic joint and muscle pain caused by arthritis, injury or stress in the body.

60 min, $130

90 min, $150

CBD Deep Tissue Massage: Applied oil or sports cream on focused areas.

60 min, $150

90 mins, $170

Swedish Massage: The classic, traditional massage for stress-induced muscle tension. Relaxes body and mind, improves circulation, calms the nervous system, and invigorates the skin.

60 min, $100

90 min, $130

30 min; $50

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is catered for the person looking for detailed and specific work. Not a full body massage unless it is booked as a 90-minute treatment.  

60 min, $110

90 min, $140

Prenatal Massage: This massage is catered for the mother-to-be. Swedish modalities provide a relaxing experience and the guest has the opportunity to lay face down in our pregnancy bolster.

60 min, $100

90 min, $130

Express Massage: This is a 30 minute massage catered to 1 or 2 focused areas. Does not include full body.

30 min, $40

Body Treatments

Smooth Your Body Polish: Get your skin ready to be seen with this body scrub. Includes a lymphatic dry brush and scented scrub that whisks you away like the exfoliated skin. All product is removed with warm scented towels and hydrating lotion is massaged into the skin leaving you feeling less stressed and soothed beyond words.

60 min, $85

Detoxifying Body Wrap: Lay wrapped like a cocoon with products to help aid in detoxification and hydration. Make sure you are hydrated before coming in for this treatment. Not recommended for the claustrophobic.

60 min, $85

90 min, $115